This Ogden engagement session is one of my favorite and it helps that there was a beautiful couple to photograph too. I am so excited to be sharing these beautiful engagement pictures with all of you.When Alli messaged me after I had photographed her sisters wedding, I was so excited. She was recently engaged and wanted me to photograph her wedding. I jumped with joy and of course had to say yes! 

I took Allis senior pictures a few years prior and I just adore this girl. I also met Brayden then and counted down the day when they would be engaged. I hoped that they would call me. 

These two are so perfect together. Brayden is more comical and Alli is sweet and soft spoken. But together they just complete each other. They are able to joke around and tease each other. The best part is, I am able to do the same with them! It’s the best when I can joke around with couples and build a friendship with them. 

Together we picked the perfect location for their shoot. We loved this location because it looks like a whimsical forest. The long grass and flowers make for the perfect backdrop. It’s one of my favorite spots to shoot at in the spring. 

On another note, Alli has the most fabulous dresses! She buys a lot of them from Dillards and they are beyond perfect. I just need this girl to dress me for any fancy place I am going or even for church. Just wait until you see her wedding dress! It is just as classy and elegant as she is! 

I am truly so grateful for my past seniors that loved me enough and loved my work and wanted to hire me for their wedding! Getting to work with them over and over again is truly the best!


Alli and Brayden Engagements_0977.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0978.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0984.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0975.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0974.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0979.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0980.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0976.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0982.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0986.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0985.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0981.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0987.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0989.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0990.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0991.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0992.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0993.jpg
Alli and Brayden Engagements_0983.jpg

Brayden and Alli Engagements | Ogden Engagement Pictures

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