I think the real question is why wouldn’t you want to join the Maskcara Artist Program? But if you need more convincing 😉 Your job is: playing with make up, hanging out with girlfriends online and in person, reaching goals, empowering women and growing other’s confidence, collecting paychecks and free make up!!! It’s all at your own pace, and everyone is a part of the community no matter if you’ve sold 0 or 10,000.

Don’t get me wrong it is Hard work! But it is so rewarding!!

If you need a little more convincing let me give you some facts. Because this could be one of the best decisions you will make.

  • No minimum Sales Requirements
  • 20-40% Commission
  • No Inventory
  • $11.95 monthly back office fee. (pays for personal replicate site and many other perks)
  • Enroller Bonus’s
  • Commission on your downline

Now What else?

  • Affordable Business Start Up
  • Company Fulfilled Orders = No Overhead + No Packaging + No Post Office Runs
  • Personal Replicated Website…and it’s BEAUTIFUL
  • Maskcara App for Sales, Business and Training
  • A Marketable, Affordable, Beautifully Branded Product
  • Artist & Team Facebook Groups
  • Online Training Classes from Top Leaders
  • One on One Help
  • Ships to APO’s

 Maskcara artist Program is an affiliate of Maskcara Beauty. When you sign up to be an artist, you get a full kit of make up and training to use that make up on your friends and family. No previous experience in make up or selling necessary. You also get your own website and license to sell Maskcara beauty online. The best part is the training! You will learn how to do make up on yourself, others, how to run a successful team, business and more.

So how do you join?

Pick a kit! There are two options to join, the Basic kit, and the Pro kit. Both are great choices but I recommend the Pro kit. You get a lot more product, Eyeshadows, more brushes, more compacts, and our amazing Milk Moisturizer. You will be off to a great start. But if the Pro kit is out of budget then start with the basic and I can teach you how to earn the rest of your Makeup for FREE.

It may seem like a big cost upfront to some but remember you are starting a business AND you are getting the product you need. After my initial investment, ALL my product has been free (besides Sales Tax) and I’ve been getting paychecks every single week since I started. It is an unbelievably affordable business to jump into with INSTANT perks…hello, MAKEUP, paychecks, girls nights!

Now you have decided on a Kit, follow these steps below:

  1. Go to MaskcaraBeauty.com and click “Become an Artist”
  2. Type in my Artist number #2706
  3. Choose your KIT!
  4. Patiently wait by the mailbox for all your pretty makeup to arrive


  • make overs with your girlfriends
  • Earn Free makeup
  • answering work emails with babies on your lap
  • growing your confidence as a make up wearer, mom boss and woman
  • trying and loving more eye shadow colors in 6 months than you have in your whole live
  • selfies…so many selfies
  • building a tribe of women that have your back.
  • leadership, personal development and constant improvement.
  • empowering women – near and far.
  • financial freedom

If you want to be on a team that loves you, believes in you and challenges you, join our team! We have girls that just got married, moms that haven’t worked in years, women with multiple jobs, women that run other businesses, and Women in retirement that still want something for just them. You belong! So let’s get you signed up and ready to change your life and so many others!

Click here to join! https://jesscasperson.maskcarabeauty.com/en/enroll/pick-artist

Maskcara Artist Program

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