What is Maskcara beauty? Maskcara Beauty was founded by Cara Brook Killpack, a celebrated makeup artist and respected beauty blogger. An early entrepreneur who was dedicated to revolutionize makeup. She was determined to create a culture that celebrates and enhances every type of natural beauty, share simple and useful tips, and ultimately to create and share quality products that can be used by every woman time and time again.

What is Maskcara beauty

Cue Maskcara beauty!

Founded on the principle that “helping others look beautiful is nice, but helping them believe they are beautiful is life changing!”

3D foundation is Maskcara’s first real product. 😉 A product so good that Sephora, Anthropology, and many other beauty stores wanted it. She was selling Maskcara straight from her beauty blog, crashing the server with each launch. Cara was noticing women getting together to share the product and teach each other how to use it, and decided selling in a typical beauty store was not the rout she should go.

In 2013 Maskcara beauty was born, and come 2017 the Artist program was created. Over the past few years Maskcara has changed so many women and families lives, mine included.

What is Maskcara Beauty

Maskcara beauty is iiid foundation.

With cream makeup and simple steps we are able to bring dimension back to your face. No more putting layers and layers of makeup on to cover your beautiful features. Let’s help those amazing cheekbones pop, eyes sparkle, and skin glow.

Each of our iiid products have Foundation built into them. What does this mean? You can now put one layer of makeup on your face. No more layers upon layers upon layers. One layer that acts as a second skin. Bringing your makeup back to enhancing your beauty, not covering it up.

With a customizable compact and individual tins of makeup, you are now able to create the makeup pallet you have always wanted. Perfect for your skin and your eyes. No more waisted makeup and more of what you love.

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Shop the makeup directly click here https://jesscasperson.maskcarabeauty.com/en

Learn more about the Maskcara Artist program Click here

What is Maskcara beauty | The quick version

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